Saturday, 28 January 2012

Picture This: Martika "Flow With The Go" Single Cover

There has been much speculation about the release of Martika's new single "Flow With The Go". It was announced that the single was meant to be released for purchase on many worldwide music purchasing portals on January 12th of this year but two weeks (nearly 3) after this date, the song has not yet materialised for purchase. This has brought up discussions about whether Martika has been lying to her fans or whether the music websites have stalled the release due to their policies.

Now, I don't know Martika personally, but from what I can tell from interviews and the few tweets that she has sent to me in response to mine on twitter, I truly do believe that she has the very best of intentions regarding her music and her fan base. The music business is a lot more in depth than we like to think it is, and there are many setbacks that can happen in the course of releasing new material (especially on an independent label) and release dates are constantly being pushed back, which leads me to the conclusion that Martika herself did not foresee these complications and certainly had intended for the release date she announced to be accurate.

Short of walking to all of her fans homes and delivering a personally signed copy of the single with an apology note stuck to the front on a heart shaped post-it, Martika has done all she can via her Twitter account and Facebook fan page, to make sure the fans remain undeterred by this setback, keeping us constantly up to date with details regarding the release, giving us a look at the cover image for the single (above), delivering a full length video with the lo-fi version of the song, and constant words of apology and gratitude. Sadly, this has been met with some of the usual hostility found on the Internet and fans that seem to have no sense of patience, even though they have waited for about 21 years for new material, a few more weeks is apparently unacceptable in their eyes.

I find it sad that this generation of people (I'm 29 so I know what I'm talking about) needs everything spoon fed to them in 12 seconds flat, otherwise they lose interest. I will happily wait for this project to be released in it's entirety so that it can be at the level of satisfaction that the artist is comfortable with. I won't get bogged down if the album takes another month or so to be released, just the fact that there will be another album from Martika (or anyone for that matter) is good enough for me.

Patience is a virtue my friends. The single is a little late, but it's coming and we know it's coming. I'll be a Toy Soldier forever!


  1. It wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't a pattern with her. She did the same thing with her online show "J8ded," saying it was released and then it took *months* to be actually available. So it's not a new behavior and I think that is what has fans upset. We just want to love Martika as she is, and she doesn't have to try and seem so fancy and professional when she's super all by herself! The music industry is actually the opposite of how you say, it's much simpler than all that. Viva Martika! but the real woman, not the mirage!!!!!