Sunday, 27 April 2014

Turn It Up!: Veruca Salt - The Museum Of Broken Relationships (Music Video)

"Jubilation! He Loves Me Again!"

The notion that I even get to write these next words just makes me so happy!


Veruca Salt is an alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1993 when Vocalists/Guitarists Nina Gordon and Louise Post were introduced to each other through their mutual friend, actress Lili Taylor. The two began creating music together and before long they added musicians Jim Shapiro (Nina Gordon's brother) on drums, and Steve Lack on bass to complete their sound.

The group named themselves after the spoiled little rich girl character in the classic Roald Dahl book "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", and started playing local gigs. They were soon discovered by Jim Powers from the independent label "Minty Fresh Records" and began work on their first studio album. The first album "American Thighs" was released in 1994 and the band quickly gained recognition when their first single "Seether" became a hit on MTV and Much Music. The album eventually went Gold and was followed by the EP "Blow It Out Your Ass, It's Veruca Salt" (1996), which contained 4 new songs to hold them over as they began work on their second album.

Now signed to Geffen Records, the bands second album "Eight Arms To Hold You" (1997) skyrocketed their careers with the release of the song "Volcano Girls", which not only has the most kick-ass music video ever, but was also used in the opening credits of the dark teen comedy film "Jawbreaker" (one of my faves) starring Rose McGowan.

Following the release of the Eight Arms To Hold You, the original line up of the band slowly started to disintegrate. Jim Shapiro left just after the release of the album, being replaced by drummer Stacy Jones, and after touring with BUSH and beginning work on their third album, Nina Gordon and Louise Post had a falling out (which to this day the events surrounding this remain a mystery), and Nina walked away.

In the subsequent years since their falling out, Nina Gordon has released two solo records (2000's "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life", and 2006's "Bleeding Heart Graffiti"), and Louise Post has continued recording under the "Veruca Salt" moniker releasing two full length albums post-Gordon, 2000's "Resolver", and 2006's "IV".

The band has gone through many line up changes since 1997, but in March of 2013, the bands original members Nina, Louise, Jim, and Steve made the official announcement of their reformation via their official Facebook page,

"For now, let's just say this: Hatchets Buried, Axes Exhumed."

Then in September of last year, the announcement came that they were working on new music to be released in 2014. The result (up to now) has been a special 10" vinyl disk called "MMXIV", which was released on April 19th for Record Store Day and contains 2 new tracks (including the one above) and the promise of a new full length Veruca Salt album to come later this year, as well as a small tour this summer. I hope to hell they add a date to Toronto, because one of my biggest regrets is not seeing them live the first time around.

I'm absolutely in love with the two new songs, because they are both a return to the classic VS sound. A perfect blend of pop and alternative sounds and their voices still compliment each others incredibly well (takes me right back to High School).

Highly anticipating the full length album and the opportunity to see them live! I will not miss my chance again!!!!!!

Wait there's more!!!!: To read the first dual interview with Louise and Nina since their reunion, SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!! You're Welcome!

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