Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Turn It Up: Dia Frampton - The Broken Ones

Some people know Dia Frampton from her band Meg & Dia (with her sister Meg Frampton), some people know her as the runner up from the first season of the NBC competition show "The Voice" (appearing on Blake Shelton's team and coming in second to contestant Javier Colon), and some people have never heard of her at all.

I, like a large percentage of the population, fall into column B. I'm not really big on singing competition shows but I liked the idea of "The Voice" and the panel of judges, so I invested my time and attention in it and was rewarded in the form of Dia (as well as a few other contestants).

Cee-Lo Green described Dia as being "so cozy". An appropriate description for the 24 year old author of childrens stories. Dia has just released her first full length solo album "Red" today and I certainly hope there will be more to come if it gifts us with songs like these. I'll be downloading the album tomorrow, and I'm sure it will be delightful.

Give it a go.

"I can't help it I love the broken ones
the ones who need the most patching up
the ones who never been loved
never been loved
never been loved enough

Maybe I see a part of me in them
The missing piece always trying to fit in
the shattered heart hungry for a home
no you're not alone
I love the broken ones."

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