Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Turn It Up!: The Party - Salute To Summer (Music Video)

"Lazy Days, Crazy Ways, Daydream Behind My Shades, It's Summertime!"

I'm so freaking psyched... yes, PSYCHED about this!!!

 Today marks the official musical return of 90's pop group The Party, with the release of their first single in 20 years, "Salute to Summer".

 Back in May, group members Damon, Albert, Chasen and DeeDee announced via a live in studio Stageit fan show that their comeback single would be released in July, and they were right on time to make this boy very happy indeed. Given the tough week and a half I've had, I really needed to hear something fresh and blissfully uninhibited and this is exactly what this track delivers.

 This song keeps with the classic "Party" vibe, nothing deep, just wild, free and a hell of a lot of fun. Some fans have been comparing it too their classic hit Summer Vacation from 1990, but with a more mature and finely polished edge. I can pretty much agree with that, although I think this song is a lot more funky. Good to see that they're staying true to the group they were.

 Now, to discuss the video which was done by Reginald Esque. Firstly, you couldn't have made a better video to match this song if you tried, secondly, I love how these guys haven't changed at all in 20 years. Chasen is still adorable and my fave to watch, Albert is still smooth and groovalicious, DeeDee is still unbelievably stylish and has an incredible vocal (my Diva always), and Damon is still sexy as hell with swagger for days. I love the quick montage of their earlier video clips at the very start, I just kinda wish they had put a little tribute to former member Tiffini Hale in there somewhere. There's a moment at the very end of the video where Chasen is holding up a picture of a gentleman (I'm not sure who it is), I wish they had maybe held up a picture of Tiffini as well. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

 Long story short, I'm obsessed with this song, I can't wait for the finished album and the possible tour to follow. I hope this isn't just a one time reunion album, I hope they stick around and make more music for years to come. If you're a fan, show your support and download the song.


  1. I liked the review but there doesn't need to be a tribute to Tiffini. She isn't dead. She made the decision to not be involved, and for her sake I wish everyone would just leave her alone already. The group is great as it is, naturally we all wish it was complete with Tiffini, but we need to respect her decision.

  2. I agree, just thought it would have been a nice gesture to put things to rest with the fans and her contribution to the group and we could finally look forward to the future without the constant questions about where's Tiffini? I'm getting sick of people asking myself.

  3. I just got off the phone with The Party (literally) and I also have answers on the photo in the video. I will be posting the interview soon at DizRadio.

    Until then I do have an interview from 2010 with Chasen pre-reunion in our archives. But I agree THIS NEW CUT ROCKS!!!!!