Sunday, 21 July 2013

Talk To Me!: Adele, Jack Whitehall & Miranda Hart on The Graham Norton Show (2011)

 Sorry I haven't posted in awhile my dear readers, I've been very busy and I was also away for a week. Just gonna do a couple posts to catch up a bit.

 My boyfriend and I have been having some problems lately, so I've been trying to watch things that are light and entertaining for the most part, to keep myself out of an upset head space until we get through this rough patch. Case in point, this episode of The Graham Norton Show.

 Graham Norton always makes me laugh, and if he has the perfect combination of guests on his couch (like the episode above) then it's all the more sweeter. Of course, everyone knows who Adele is, but for those who don't know, Jack Whitehall is one of Britain's most successful young comedians, and Miranda Hart is a comedic actress who has her own television series called, "Miranda".

 If you're having a bit of a downer day, watch this and enjoy 40 minutes of levity. The performance by Adele is cut out, but otherwise it's awesome.

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  1. I agree that Jack Whitehall is crap. But it is little known that his father, Michael, would bum any man just to get a contract for his son or himself. I know this because I know the Whitehalls personally, and they are not pleasant people to deal with. You don't cross them unless you want to suffer a serious accident, as has happened to those who have fallen out with them. This mobster style approach has deflected resistance to their rise up the showbuisness ladder as no one is prepared to stand in their way.

    James Corden