Friday, 6 April 2012

Turn It Up: Jordis Unga - Best Of Collection

This post should really go in the "What's On?" category of my blog as it is sort of a post about Season 2 of The Voice that I am enjoying, but one of the reasons I'm enjoying it so much is because of the lovely and gifted Jordis Unga, so I'm dedicating a post to her. Jordis, whom many recognize as a former competitor on the show Rock Star INXS, sang her way onto Blake Shelton's team through the blind auditions of the show (as seen above) and after battling her way into the live shows, she sang this soaring rendition of Heart's classic hit "Alone"!

So, even though her recording of this song was the only one to go to number one on the i-tunes rock charts (and subsequently put Heart back on the charts as well), she was still in the bottom 3 and nearly got kicked off the show which is totally leotarded considering the fact that America seemed to think that this girl gave a better performance.

Ummm...REALLY?!?!?!? Anyway, she managed to save herself from elimination by performing "White Horses" as her last chance performance.

Now we're all caught up and I hope she kills it from here on in. I want to see her with a record deal at the end of this. So, as an added bonus, I'm adding her first performance from Rock Star INXS.... tough, I want to!

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