Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Listen Up: Jordis Unga News

This is so exciting!!!! Even though Jordis Unga was foolishly eliminated from The Voice during the quarter finals, she has dusted herself off and taken it upon herself to head out and make the debut album she has always wanted.

Rather than take a chance with a major record label, Jordis has started up a Kickstarter page instead to get her fans involved with her artistic future. Kickstarter is a great tool for fans to connect and help independent artists in the creation of their music by pledging money that the artists then use to pay for the recording, artwork, promotion and various other costs that go into an albums release. The artists usually provide incentives in the form of bonus packages that will become available to the fans sometime after the fund raising goal is met. The higher the pledge, the more extravagant the bundle.

Jordis gave herself 33 days to raise at least $33,300 and much to her shock and awe, her fans helped her raise that much in the very first day. With 18 days left as of this post, she has raised over $58,000 for making her debut album and every dollar that she raises beyond that will go to making the album all the more amazing (which won't be hard if you've heard her music).

If you would like to help Jordis by making a pledge, please go to

I've made my contribution, and I leave you with Jordis' final performance from The Voice.

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