Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Turn It Down!: Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell Williams - Blurred Lines (Music Video)

 Gonna preface this post by saying that I have nothing against the song (aside from it being annoying and overplayed on radio), just the video.

 Is it just me, or does this music video make Robin Thicke look like a classless, pig headed, douche bag? There's another version of this music video, in which the female models are full on topless walking around in thongs while Robin, Pharrell and T.I. watch them fully dressed in suits. I can't seem to understand this generation of societies need to hyper sexualize every aspect of media and somehow set the women's movement back a few years by reducing them back down to objects for men's sexual gratification. Even when the tables are turned and it's meant to be a female artist objectifying and taking advantage of men, the female is usually still dressed in a provocative way, making it a "2 birds, 1 stone" situation.

 Robin Thicke has been making the kind of smooth soulful "baby making" tunes that made people like Barry White and Prince famous for years now, and has never had to stoop to this chauvinistic behaviour or blatant bragging about being well endowed before (which always makes me think the opposite is true whenever I hear somebody talk like that). I always thought he had a classy kind of confidence and swagger about him that made his sex appeal apparent in a subtle but effective way, but now I just see him as the jock in high school that bragged to everyone about being a player and getting laid every hour. Very seedy and undignified! 

Poor form, Robin! I'm officially turned off!

 Not posting the Explicit version of the music video, but you can watch it here if you like.

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