Friday, 1 November 2013

Turn It Up!: Melanie B - For Once In My Life (Music Video)

  "Wanna Rise, Feel The Rush, Wanna Free Fall Through The Night, Cuz Tonight I'm Unstoppable!"

 Sorry I've been away for so long everyone, I've just been finding it hard to find the time to post things. I've got a lot of catching up to do. I have many posts to come, I just hope I get to them all!

 I figured this is the best song to return to the blog with, not only because it's Mel's first single in 8 years, but also because the first line is "I've been gone, in the dark, in the shadows", and I have! As I said, this is Melanie B's hot new single "For Once In My Life", it's a one off single that Melanie wrote during the course of judging America's Got Talent. She admitted that watching the various contestants on the show lit a fire in her to return to her passion for writing and performing her own music. Hopefully she's been bitten by the bug enough to give us more ear candy like this. The former Spice Girl is currently without a record label or music management, but she has confessed that she may release more music independently the way this one came about.

 The video for the song was shot in one day on the former Desperate Housewives set of Wisteria Lane, and depicts the message of letting loose and being free as Mel strips off her work clothes and works her way through the neighbourhood playing double dutch, sneaking into a house party (where she ends up kissing herself, Yes Diva!) and ends up having a party in the street with her posse. Mel stopped by the Ellen Degeneres Show, during her day of shooting and received a few wardrobe choices for the video. See the interview below. (You can actually see a few people wearing the orange Ellen Degeneres hats in the music video).

Welcome back Scary Spice! Can't wait to hear what's next. I hope you'll eventually release the song "Lip Locked" from your reality show!

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