Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rest In Peace Sahara Davenport!

Had to add this video as a loving tribute to the multi-talented (and fierce) drag performer Sahara Davenport (born Antoine Ashley) who tragically passed away on October 1st from heart failure at the very young age of 27.

Sahara was one of the queens featured on the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race, and one that I fell in love with, not necessarily for her style (although there were a few outfits that were incredibly cute) but more for her kind hearted attitude and sickening performance skills.

She seemed to be a shy sort of person until it came time to perform a lip-sync number (like the one above) or imitate Whitney Houston in The Snatch Game. Then the bitch would just TURN IT OUT!!!! Rivalled only with Jujubee's lip-sync of Black Velvet by Alana Myles (which coincidentally sent Sahara home) the performance above was the greatest lip-sync for your life during that season. Look at the girl go, En Pointe no less!

The speech that RuPaul gives before the song starts seems to have taken on new meaning since Monday. I only hope her family and loved ones (including her partner fellow drag entertainer, and RuPauls Drag Race contestant, Manila Luzon) can take comfort in knowing that their angel is now ki-ki-ing it up in heaven!

In the immortal words of Miss Davenport, Live, Love and Believe!

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