Thursday, 25 October 2012

Talk To Me: Geri: The Documentary (Geri Halliwell & Molly Dineen)

Oooh this is fun! I remember vividly watching this when it first aired. I was (and still am a bit) obsessed with the Spice Girls and was a tad gutted when Geri decided to leave the group in 1998 because it was only a couple of months before I was to see them in concert for the first time on the Spiceworld Tour. But I was also excited because it meant extra spice style music in the form of a solo career from her.

The first solo project that Geri worked on was the 90 minute Documentary seen above, simply called "Geri" with famed british documentarian, Molly Dineen, which chronicled her life immediately after her departure from the group and over the following months when she would make the transition into a solo artist and UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Really good viewing if you have 90 minutes to spare!

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