Sunday, 28 October 2012

Turn It Up!: Janina Gavankar - Waiting For Godot (Music Video)

I'm sure I'll just have to replace this video when she finally decides to add it to her Youtube page (because the embedding codes for these versions of video's never last that long), but I'm too excited to wait for that to happen because I'm madly in love with this song. Thank you Jordanna for letting me know it existed.

Janina Gavankar is an actress (The L Word and True Blood being among her credits) and has been slowly entering the realm of music for about a year now, first with her startlingly original cover of Kanye West's "Love Lockdown", and now with the release of the music video for her own single "Waiting For Godot".

The title of her first single comes from the Samuel Beckett play, in which two strangers are waiting for an acquaintance of theirs named Godot, whom neither of them has seen in person and the entire play is spent with these two characters doing and talking about everything to stave off the silence. Janina admits that in her musical interpretation, Godot equals love, and thusly, the two characters in her video (which are meant to portray dual personalities within herself) display their opposite reactions to this situation.

According to a recent Billboard Magazine interview, Janina has admitted that the entire video (produced by herself and directed by her friend Caitlin Pashalek) was shot in one day.

"We moved really quick. It was a very ambitious shoot, to say the least. We shot it like it was a scene."

"One stake we set in the ground from the get-go with this was this it wasn't going to be a 'regular music video.' I don't give a shit about following any sort of norms. I don't really care if people think I'm hot. I really set out to make something beautiful that had a strong narrative."

Mission Accomplished I'd say! Enjoy!

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  1. "An idle mind is the devil's playground" are ingenious lyrics, I too am obsessed with this song! I love how she does the duality, the clean and pristine version of herself vs the dark coal eyed darker self. I think at one time or another we have waited for a godot! Great write up as usual!!