Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Listen Up: Spice Girls Announce Viva Forever Musical

The Fab Five reunited this past Tuesday to announce the completion of their latest (and probably last) group endeavor, a musical which will be based around their music (a la Mamma Mia!) entitled "Viva Forever".

The Girls have been talking about this project since the end of their "Return Of The Spice Girls" Reunion Tour in 2008, and thanks to the "Absolutely Fabulous" Jennifer Saunders (who wrote the show) and producer Judy Craymer (of Mamma Mia fame) it has become a reality.

All 5 girls arrived at St Pancras Hotel in London (where they shot the video for their infamous first single "Wannabe" back in 1996) for the launch party, and caused quite a commotion, as they do. Watch the video to see the girls reflections on the venture and to hear a little about what to expect from the show.

Tickets for "Viva Forever" at the Piccadilly Theatre are onsale now! Damn, I really feel like going back to London for vacation.

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