Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Turn It Up!: Jay Brannan - Rob Me Blind (Music Video)

Here's the official video for the third single, and title track from Jay's latest album "Rob Me Blind". The video features Jay silently dreaming of the possibilities of a relationship/life with a cute stranger in an elevator, seeing a new scenario upon the arrival of each floor and ultimately stopping at the top with an ambivalent but hopeful ending.

I've tried to write this post a couple of times in the past few hours, and I seem to have a hard time expressing myself when it comes to my love for Jay's music. For me, he is the kind of artist that you listen to and you think, "This guy could be one of my best friends if we knew each other, because from the sound of his lyrics, he just get's me." His songs are very relatable, he expresses the way I feel on pretty much a daily basis, to the point where I think, if I had the ability or the talent to write music, it would probably sound exactly the same as his. So, thank you Jay for being a musical soulmate of sorts.

If you don't have his new album, I highly suggest you pay a visit to i-tunes, amazon, or even and buy away. You won't be disappointed!!!

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