Thursday, 28 June 2012

Picture This: No Doubt - Settle Down (Single Cover)

New No Doubt Coming Soon!
I am so excited for this release! No Doubt haven't released new original music in 11 years, but on September 25th they are releasing their 6th studio album "Push and Shove" with the first single "Settle Down" being released this summer.

There's no official release date for the single yet, but rumour has it they will be performing on Good Morning America and The Jimmy Fallon Show in July, so it may be safe to assume we're looking at a July release date. Also, there have been no official details released about the album (other than the release date), so I wonder what the general sound of the album will be? "Rock Steady" was a great combination of dance and reggae infused pop gems, if they followed that recipe again, I would be incredibly happy. But, if a new direction is in store then I will gladly go along with that too. Anything to keep Gwen singing about Shit and Bananas....ANYTHING!!!!!!

The colors of the single cover look very Ska/Reggae-ish, wouldn't you say?

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