Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Talk To Me: Alanis Morissette with Jon Pareles

There's one thing that closely rivals my love for listening to Alanis sing and that's, of course, listening to her speak. She expresses herself so eloquently that it's hard not to become transfixed by her vocabulary choices (even if at times it just sounds like a bunch of meandering gobbledy gook). She is very sorted and self assured about her opinions when it comes to her path in life.

Here she sits down with NY Times journalist Jon Pareles to discuss the creation of her upcoming album "Havoc & Bright Lights", her new role as wife and mother and how each has informed her art, and the path that she has taken from her early pop days to the present that has helped mould her into the woman she is now.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is when she says that fans can go and buy 1 song on an album for 99 cents on i-tunes if they wish, but if they want to get the entire snapshot, listening to the entire album is the way to go because songs are like brothers and sisters, they talk to eachother. I love this description because for the last few years, I have noticed that I now prefer to listen to entire albums as opposed to listening to music on shuffle when I'm going to sit down and listen. The only time I enjoy shuffling music is in my car, at a party, or on the treadmill. Otherwise, I prefer listening to an artists chosen landscape in full. It helps me connect to them in a strange way.

So anyway, it's kind of a long interview, but if you have an hour and a bit to spare, watch away.

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