Friday, 3 August 2012

Picture This: Wilson Phillips Autograph + Concert Review

Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson, & Chynna Phillips

It's taken me forever to write this post. On July 14th, my boyfriend Chris and I went to see Wilson Phillips in concert at Casino Rama, and it was pretty much everything I had waited 20 some odd years for.

As we got to the venue, we tried to go to our seats as soon as possible, 1, So I could immerse myself in the excitement, and 2, because Chris had stubbed his toe earlier in the day and every step he took was agony lol. We were seated not far from a woman in her late 40's (blonde hair, crispy bangs, the works) who, compared to her unenthusiastic companion, looked as though she was going to shit herself with excitement.

As the clock struck 9:00, the lights went down, the members of the band walked on stage and took their places, and from off stage, the acapella 3 part harmony of the intro to the song "Release Me" ("I know that it's time for a change, but when that change comes will you still feel the same?") permeated the air and on walked Chynna Phillips (in an understated grey tube dress, blonde hair snatched back into a tight ponytail) Carnie Wilson (in a beautiful form fitting fuschia dress and new Cleopatra style bob haircut) and Wendy Wilson (in a slender deep purple dress, with her gorgeous brunette locks flowing freely).

After hitting every little nuance in "Release Me" (I swear, I nearly died, it was so fucking good), the girls took a moment to introduce themselves and thank the audience for coming and explained that they almost didn't make it to the show because their flight from New York had been cancelled last minute. They then performed the opening track from their second album "Shadows & Light", "It's Only Life" which I did not expect to hear but was a very welcome surprise.

The 3 girls continuously joked and played with the audience throughout the show, playing a great mixture of their original material from the 90's and their latest cover material from their albums "California" and "Dedicated", doing impressions, inviting audience members up on stage to dance during a medley of the ABBA songs "Dancing Queen" and "Does Your Mama Know", and Carnie at one point even hiked up her skirt to show the audience her spanx lol.

Their harmonies are undeniably impressive, and I'm hoping the success of this tour will lead them to record new original music in the near future (although Dedicated is absolutely sickening and I'm so glad to have it in my collection).

The setlist for the show was,

1) Release Me
2) It's Only Life
3) Daniel (Elton John cover)
4) California Dreamin'
5) God Only Knows
6) Wouldn't It Be Nice
7) You Won't See Me Cry (absolutely beautiful job on this song)
8) Already Gone
9) You're In Love
10) Dedicated To The One I Love
11) Dancing Queen/Does Your Mama Know (Medley)
12) Impulsive
13) In My Room
14) Hold On

The picture above is indeed an autographed picture, but sadly I did not meet the 3 women. It was onsale and I purchased it, but it is a real autograph (not a xerox). I look forward to seeing them in concert again some day and maybe having the honor of meeting them next time. Great Show!

Three Part Harmony, One Part Ah-Mah-Zing!!!!!!

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  1. Great review and they sang Daniel..Great lineup!! I love how your both professional and a fan boy in your reviews, it makes me the reader excited and live vicariously through you!! GREAT JOB!! Your attention to detail makes it easy to visualize!