Friday, 3 August 2012

Turn It Up!: Candi - Dancing Under A Latin Moon (Music Video)

This post started off as something different. I was originally adding Candi's video for her first single "Under Your Spell", but then (mid-typing) I got a tweet from my pal Joe (leader of the Toy Soldier Army) with a video attached of "Dancing Under A Latin Moon" and I thought, "What impecable timing!"

So, a change has come.

Now, the reason I was adding a video by Candi in the first place is because, she was my first ever concert. I count Paula Abdul as my first show, because the tickets for Candi were free, but officially... Candi was it! All I remember is I must have been 8 or 9 years old, and my Mom took my older brother and I to see her at a small theatre in the round concert hall (which I don't think exists anymore) at Ontario Place in Toronto. I was very excited and I also remember the seats were a bleacher seating type set up and you looked down onto the circular stage floor and periodically Candi would run around the entire parameter of the floor slapping the fans hands as she passed.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Candi was a Juno nominated Canadian Pop Act back in the late 80's/early 90's who took their name from the lead singer, Candita Pennella's, nickname. For their second album, they chose to go by the name "Candi and The Backbeat" to differentiate the band from they're lead singer. The group had a few mildly successful singles, like "Under Your Spell", "Love Makes No Promises", "The World Just Keeps On Turning", "Good Together" and "Dancing Under A Latin Moon" (seen above).

The group disbanded after touring for their second album and according to Wikipedia, lead singer Candi Pennella is now a teacher in the Toronto area. Would be so awesome to have her as a teacher.

Dedicated to Joe Valenzuela!


  1. Candita pennella is still my favorite after these years in dance music..I would like to see her again like singer in a's difficult to find articles /photos on her..I search since a long time but nothing


    1. Yes, I wish she would record again myself or at least return to music in some form. For now, we'll all have to settle for remembering her as she was.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Mario!

  2. the best song of Candy Penella that is not named here, is "humpty dumpty" a single recorded for the group called Rainbow in 1986

  3. for those that don't remeber the song I leave u the link from youtube...