Friday, 3 August 2012

Turn It Up: Mariah Carey - Triumphant (Get Em) Feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill (Audio only)

I put this under the "Turn It Up" header, but I really wanted to put it under "Turn It Down"!

I have to say, I have been a Mariah Carey fan since the very beginning, but this is by far the worst lead single she has ever released ever (and that's including "Loverboy" from the Glitter Soundtrack)!!!

Firstly, she barely sings anything in the song other than the chorus's and the bridge, choosing instead to have Rick Ross and Meek Mill rap during the verses. Ummm...this is meant to be Mariah FEATURING Rick Ross and Meek Mill, not the other way around. How the hell did you become a guest star in your own single Mariah???? Seriously, get off your Lazy Diva Ass and sing your own songs.

Secondly, I've never been a fan of what I like to call "Ghetto Mariah". I appreciate having hip hop artists make cameo's in your songs, sometimes it works (Jay-Z on "Heartbreaker" etc.), but she has to realize that most of the time, those songs don't sell as well for her as Balladeer/Pop/R&B Mariah does! Tommy Mattola may have been an asshole, but he knew your niche.

Thirdly, though she doesn't sing a lot on the song, when she does she sounds squeeky and annoying and the melody just blends into the wallpaper. Nothing new, exciting or fresh about this song. I hope that this was just a mistake in judgement and there will be plenty of goodies on her album to come.

Mimi got busted!

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