Friday, 24 August 2012

Turn It Up!: Martika - Love...Thy Will Be Done (Music Video) 100th Post!

Yayyyyy This is my 100th post on this blog and I knew that I would dedicate it to the fabulous Martika weeks before I arrived at this landmark! My original plan was to hold off until the release of her new music video for her second single from "The Mirror Ball", SloMoTion, but I got too excited waiting for it and I just had to write.

So, here we are. I asked my two friends Jordanna and Kamille (fellow members of Martika's Toy Soldier Army) to help me decide which video of hers to post out of three choices: More Than You Know, Water, or Love...Thy Will Be Done. They narrowed it down to two, and the final decision was mine. (Thank you Ladies!)

I've chosen the Prince produced "Love...Thy Will Be Done", (which was the first single from Martika's second album "Martika's Kitchen" (1991)) because it's probably one of the most beautifully crafted songs about love, faith and spirituality to ever come out of a 20 year old pop star. The simple yet magical instrumentation mixed with her vulnerable and (at times) wildly tumultuous vocals, captivates the listener and allows for a peaceful and uplifting musical experience.

Plus, the video is sickeningly gorgeous, wonderfully directed by Michael Haussman (who also directed the video's for Paula Abdul's "My Love Is For Real" and Madonna's "Take A Bow")! Totally worthy on this spot on my blog.

In addition, I'd like to add that I've never known a singer or celebrity who treats their fans with as much dignity, respect and love than Martika does via her Facebook and Twitter accounts (@MartikaTunes, Get into it!) It's uncanny how often she sends replies of thanks and personal notes to individual fans (not just general updates). My heart flutters a bit every time I see a new Twitter message from her, and I just remember being 15 years old, telling my best friend that one day I would be a famous singer and I'd track down Martika to do a duet with me on my second album (I don't know why it wasn't the first album) and I'd bring her back into the spotlight and she'd have to record a third album! Man, I was a strange kid!

Well, part of my dream is coming true!

Sooo ecstatic that you're back Martika! Much Love, Toy Soldier Forever!

Y'know what! Screw it, let's add the "Water" video too. YYYAAAYYY!!!!


  1. Now these are the kind of reviews I enjoy!! Heartfelt, thought out, You did your homework, never knew same director of P.Abdul video! Cheers to you for your 100th post and as a fellow soldier thank you for the tribute to Martika!!

    1. Thanks Jordanna! It took me awhile to write this one, but I'm happy with how it turned out (Martika liked it too...Bonus!). It means a lot to me that you support this silly little hobby of mine. I really appreciate it! Stay Tuned xoxo

  2. Kyle I loved to read your blog about "our" Martika, she is one of a kind !!! XoXoXo Jeroen