Friday, 28 September 2012

Turn It Up!: Christina Aguilera - Your Body (Music Video)

HELLO MY LOVELIES!!!!! I'm Back from my 2 week holiday and I had a great time full of sun, surf and, of course, some amazing tunage!!!!!

Let's kick my return off by adding the brand new video from Miss Christina Aguilera!!! This was one of the staple songs on the radio while I was on my trip and I have to say I am loving it HARD! This is the first release from X-tina's upcoming new album "Lotus" which is scheduled for release on November 13th this year.

Lotus is the first release since 2010's "Bionic", but it feels like it's been longer than that since she practically did no promotion for that album. Compared to her previous releases, "Bionic" was a flop for her, a fact that very much confuses me because I really did think that was a brilliant album, a little juvenile sounding in parts but overall, well done. However, with a confusing Madonna inspired video for the first single, little promotion for the album due to commitments to her film "Burlesque" and judging duties on "The Voice" and a cancelled tour for the project, any existence of that album just fizzled away.

It looks and sounds like she's back in full swing with this cheeky, tongue-in-cheek, sex vixen video, once again taking on masculine society with her own brand of Girl Power!

On top of the video, I'm also adding this short interview clip of X-Tina talking about the video and working on "Lotus". I'm so excited that she's been working with Sia again. Love their collaborations!!! Werk!!!!!

PS. Be sure to keep up with her on the new season of The Voice which began it's 3rd season two weeks ago.


  1. I bought this on Itunes immediately..I love the video and she's back in a major way!!