Thursday, 13 September 2012

Turn It Up!: The Party - Summer Vacation (Music Video)

I wanted to add 2 very quick music posts today, as tomorrow, I am off for two weeks to Myrtle Beach, SC for my "Summer (but really Fall) Vacation", and I won't have a chance to post until I get back.

I've wanted to do a post about The Party for awhile, and what better time than now when the song choice is so perfect lol. For those of you who know nothing about The Party, it was a Pop act formed in the 90's by The Disney Channel, and was made up of members Albert Fields, Deedee Magno, Chase Hampton, Tiffini Hale and Damon Pampolina who were each members of "The All New Mickey Mouse Club". The group released 4 mildly successful albums, the most successful being their self titled debut album (1990). They officially disbanded in 1993 prior to the release of their 4th album "The Party's Over...Thanks For Coming" (1994) and each member has remained in the entertainment industry, with the exception of Tiffini Hale who has remained out of the public eye.

Albert Fields released a solo album under the name "Jeune", which is half of his middle name, and continues to record on the indie circuit, most recently teaming up with Damon Pampolina to form a Hip Hop Duo called "NDecent Proposal". Chase (Chasen) Hampton was part of the indie band "Buzzfly" and now writes and records under his own name. His most recent release was an EP entitled "Drugstore Girls" (2010). Damon Pampolina (as mentioned above) recorded with Albert Fields under the moniker "NDecent Proposal" and also runs an entertainment company called PRP Entertainment with his father. Deedee Magno went the route of musical theatre, appearing in the role of Kim in "Miss Saigon" on Broadway and NessaRose in the first travelling tour of the musical "Wicked". She's married to musical performer Cliffton Hall, who co-starred with her in both of these shows and she is rumoured to be working on her first solo album. Fun Fact: She was also one of the students in the film "Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit". Her character was unnamed, but she delivered one line in the film, "Well Y'all, There might be some all Boy choirs at this competition!"

As a Bonus, let's take a look at her in action, performing a song she recorded in the 90's called "I Would Be So Pleased" for a travelling cabaret style show called Ryan O'Connor Eats His Feelings. You can download this song off i-Tunes.


  1. OMG! I loved the party! "In my dreams" was my jam so so long ago! Loved the info on updates..Tiffini was my fave!

  2. I've never heard this song by Dee Dee, it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    I found you through a google search. Did you know that The Party is getting back together (sans Tiffini) and recording new music RIGHT NOW? I am dying. SO exciting. There are rumors of a tour as well. If you want more info, friend Chasen Hampton on Facebook, he's really wonderful to all his fans.

    Thanks for the memories! The Party 4-eva! ;)