Sunday, 9 September 2012

Turn It Up!: Tiffany - Here In My Heart (Music Video)

It's taken me 108 posts to get to her (for some unexplained reason), but I'm finally posting a Tiffany video! When I typed her name into the youtube search engine, all of these other artists that go by the name of Tiffany came up. It pissed me off a bit because really, there's only 1 TIFFANY!!!!!!

Anyway, once I found a collection of fantastic video's, old and new, by this one time 80's pop sensation, I then had to pick which video I wanted to add. Should I go with a classic or a more recent song? Should I go with a ballad or an uptempo song? I ultimately decided to go with the classic ballad "Here In My Heart" because for one thing the images in the video are very Autumnal, and Autumn (whether we like it or not) is upon us. Secondly, although it's not my absolute favourite song of hers, I think the range in her voice is quite stellar on this track, and the rasp in her voice gives a certain urgency and passion to the lyrics. "Here In My Heart" was the predominate single from Tiffany's third studio album "New Inside" (1990), and though the song (written by Diane Warren) was originally dedicated to AIDS victim and teenage advocate, Ryan White, it was later rededicated to the Troops serving in the Gulf War.

I'm sure I'll add a more recent track of Tiff's in the near future, because I'd like to showcase just how much better she has gotten as a vocalist and artist throughout the years. In the 80's, she was kind of written off because she was young, she did the now infamous Mall tour, and she didn't write her own music. Now that all of that has changed and she is writing (what I think) is the greatest music of her career, she's still thought of in that light, which I find unfair.

Keep on doing your thing Tiffany, I'm still listening!!!!!


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    1. Thanks Karl! It's stood the test of time pretty well, hasn't it?

  2. this artist really made an impact in my generation,truly a talented and inspirational.