Sunday, 9 September 2012

Turn It Up!: Esthero - Never Gonna Let You Go (Music Video)

The new single from Canadian Singer/Songwriter Esthero is finally here. This is the first new solo music from her in 7 years and is from her 3rd studio album which is to be released on October 30 (my Nephew's Birthday), entitled "Everything Is Expensive"!

I love this video so much, I think it's absolutely hilarious and that little girl is sooooo Cute! Now, regarding the album, the release date is set but there has been no word (that I can find at least) on an official track listing but I know there is a song called "Over", because it is available for free download on her official website, and Wikipedia states that confirmed tracks for the album are...

Black Mermaid (which I am thrilled about because this is my favourite song of hers, but has only been a rare track until now)
Everything Is Expensive
Never Gonna Let You Go
You Don't Get A Song

But you know how reliable Wikipedia is! [|:~> -#

If you like what you hear above and want to download a copy of the track "Over" (as well as sign up for her newsletters) head on over to her Official Website and follow the instructions.

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