Friday, 7 September 2012

Turn It Up!: Emmy Rossum - Slow Me Down (Music Video)

Thanks (again) to my friend Jordanna for helping me reach the decision that this song should definitely be the next post on this site.

I loves me some Emmy Rossum! As with many people, she first came to my full attention when she starred in the role of Christine DaaƩ in the film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "The Phantom Of The Opera" in 2004. I had previously seen her in the films "Mystic River" and "The Day After Tomorrow", but I guess it took me hearing her beautiful singing voice to fall in love with her.

I fully respect her, not only for her supreme talent and delightful sense of humour, but because of the fact, that after her success in Phantom, she was offered many deals to record a classical music album (which of course, could have been huge given the timing), but she turned them all down, opting instead to follow her heart and record an album of new age ambient pop music (a la Imogen Heap). The result was her debut album titled "Inside Out" (2007), which is (to me) an absolute hidden gem in the world of music. Her layered vocals, and deeply resonant lyrics are such a treat for the ear that I would probably list it in my top 15 best debut albums by a new artist in the past 10 years. I hope that she will someday make a follow up album!

Until that day arrives, I am absolutely loving her in the role of Fiona Gallagher in the HBO series "Shameless" alongside William H. Macy (who is divine in his own right). Long may this show reign, such an amazing cast.

Don't think that I don't have another treat up my sleeve. Here is an adorable clip of Emmy singing opera for a hot dog on Conan O'Brien's talk show. So Funny!

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  1. OMG the Conan clip gets 5 STARS!! She snatched the hot dog and took a bite!! Not only insanely talented she is a real person too! GREAT review and I knew of her singing from an Indie film called "Songcatcher" about the Appalachian mountain people and the ballads they sang!! Awesome job!