Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Liven It Up: P!nk - Dear Mr. President

I can safely say that this is the song that cemented me as a P!nk fan. I had always listened to her (on occassion) if she was on the radio or if I came across a video of her's on Much Music (I mean, y'know, when they used to actually play music) because I appreciated her sense of humor and her gritty pop voice, but the minute I heard this song on her "I'm Not Dead" album, I was extremely impressed.

First, you'd have to have been dead to not respond to these lyrics during the years of the Bush administration, but secondly, the fact that she featured The Indigo Girls on background vocals on the album version was a very cool surprise, and one that I did not expect from the likes of a young pop artist.

The video above is from the "I'm not Dead" Tour, recorded at Wembley Arena and though the Indigo Girls were not there to accompany her, the song lost none of it's potency.

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