Sunday, 13 November 2011

Of The Theatre

So, my blog is titled "Sing Out Louise!" (a classic line from the Broadway show Gypsy) because I intend to embrace everything I love, regardless of how corny or kitschy it may seem by today's standards. As much as I will focus on stuff I love today, I will also be revisiting music and other media from my childhood and adolescence, as well as trying to focus on my love of theatre and Broadway musicals (which can be inherently cheesy). I will embrace it all unshamefacedly (that's not a word) and without embarrassment.

Anyway, the show must go on. I give to you first, the character whose line inspired my choice, Mama Rose from the Stephen Sondheim/Jule Styne musical "Gypsy". The first Mama Rose I ever saw was Bette Midler from her 1993 film portrayal. Thanks to my Mother, I have been a huge fan of the Divine Miss M since childhood and her version of the classic song "Rose's Turn" is nothing short of amazing. Check it out!

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