Sunday, 20 November 2011

Liven It Up: Vanessa Williams - Starbright

I have a few traditions that I like to uphold during the holiday season, but the first is that I don't allow myself to start listening to any holiday music until after I've watched the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. It may sound foolish, but I find it to be a very good system because it gives you a good annual check point and you never feel like you're starting too early.

So, as is customary, today was the Santa Claus parade and immediately after watching it, I started digging out my favorite christmas albums and burning them to my computer and I am now enjoying them is all their splendor.

I chose the video above for this post because, every year (without fail) the first Holiday album I choose to listen to is Vanessa Williams' "Starbright". It would have to be one of my top favorite's and the title track is just stunning. The unusual thing is, I very rarely listen to Vanessa Williams throughout the rest of the year (even though I enjoy her very much) but once this time of year hits, I become obsessed with listening to her. Strange, huh?!?!

Long story short, I urge you all to bust out your christmas/winter season tunage right now, before the time comes to an end for another year. Make it festive!

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