Friday, 25 November 2011

Talk To Me: Winona Ryder On 20/20 (1999)

Diane Sawyer interviewed Winona Ryder (one of my favorite actresses) back in 1999 during the promotion of Girl, Interrupted to discuss her battle with depression and how it paralleled with her character Susanna.

I'm so glad that Winona is making a comeback into mainstream movies. She has been in a few independant films in the past few years, but nothing that has been to the standard of her work before Girl, Interrupted (somehow, fucking a vantriloquist dummie in "The Ten" doesn't scream awesome the way "Heathers" or "Reality Bites" does). In the past two years however, she has been slowly making her way back into mainstream pictures. The only reason I initially went to see "Black Swan" and "Star Trek" was because Winona was in them for the accumulative 22 minutes that she was.

Now, her parts are getting bigger and her name is getting out there again. This year she was one of the leads in the film The Dilemma with Vince Vaughan, Jennifer Connelly, Kevin James and Channing Tatum. Up next she will star in the movie "The Stare", a psychological thriller with James Franco, and she is currently reuniting with Director Tim Burton to voice the character of Elsa Von Helsing in his 3D Animated feature "Frankenweenie", scheduled for release March 9, 2012 (my brothers birthday).

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