Monday, 2 July 2012

Liven It Up: Paula Cole - Sessions @ West 54th

I was originally looking to post the song "Me" by Paula Cole, but as I went searching for a version of the song on youtube that wasn't low quality, I happened to stumble upon a 4 part live special which contained the songs "Suwannee Jo", "Carmen", "Me" and "I Don't Want To Wait", and naturally I thought this would be so much better.

It's crazy to me to think that each time I listen to one of Paula's albums I think what an incredible life altering talent she has, and yet I don't listen to her as much as I should. I think throughout the years she has been written off and undervalued as an artist because of "I Don't Want To Wait" being used as the theme song to "Dawson's Creek", but if people could move past that fact and listen to the rest of her work, they would see she has some truly amazing songs, not to mention her voice is gorgeous and unbelievably emotive.

All of these songs featured above are prime examples of her work, but "Me" (featured in part 3) is one of my many theme songs (that's right, I'm just like Ally McBeal). It touches the very depth of my soul and makes me feel better when I'm down (I have about 100 theme songs).

"I am walking on the bridge, I'm over the water, and I'm scared as hell but I know there's something better!"

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