Monday, 2 July 2012

Turn It Up!: Boyzone - Picture Of You (Music Video)

I've been on a Boyzone kick for most of the morning. When I was in Highschool, the Boyband War in North America seemed to be between The Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC, and while I liked both of these groups, I was actually more partial to Boyzone (though they never promoted their music on this side of the pond).

Something about their sound was a bit more appealing to the ear, and I thought they were cuter, particularly the late Stephen Gately who passed in October 2009 from a pulmonary oedema, and whom I had the world's biggest crush on, I was gobsmacked when he died.

This song was featured on the soundtrack for the first Mr. Bean Movie, hence the inclusion of Rowan Atkinson in the video as his famed comedy sketch character, and is one of my faves by the group.

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