Monday, 2 July 2012

Liven It Up!: Rufus Wainwright - 11:11 (Live In Belgium)

Didn't expect something like this to be my first post about Rufus Wainwright, but I woke up to do a few posts on the blog and I noticed that it had received 1111 views, and it made me think of the song 11:11 by Rufus. Some people think there's a significance to this number, that waking up at 11:11 or seeing the number 1111 anywhere is a sign from above or has some kind of luck attachment to it. I don't know if I believe that myself, but it certainly is fun to see sometimes, and leads to unexpected blogs like this one lol.

Isn't Rufus' voice divine? This is a performance from a festival he sang at in Bruges, Belgium in (I think) 2006. 11:11 is from his album "Want One" (2003). 

This is such a filler post lol.

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