Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Turn It Up!: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Music Video)

How I've let this silly little blog go for this long without a single post about Robyn is beyond me. Sorry readers!

I've concluded after many years of my listening to pop oriented music, that this Swedish firecracker is my personal favorite dance pop artist of the new generation. Rihanna, Britney, Christina, they're all great, but none of them quite catch the exuberance and dance club spirit that Robyn does.

I've loved every album that she's released, without exception, and the fact that she basically told Jive Records to go fuck themselves when they weren't clicking with her electro-pop vibe for her self-titled album (2005) and decided to start her own label instead... C'mon, that's beautiful!

As if that weren't enough, the girl performs her ass off like it's her last night on earth, every single time. I chose this video because it's the closest to what you get when you see her live, and the song is magic.

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