Friday, 6 July 2012

Turn It Up!: Brandy & Monica - It All Belongs To Me (Music Video)

How the hell am I JUST finding out about this?!?! R&B Diva's, Brandy and Monica, have reunited for the first time since they dueted on the mega selling single "The Boy Is Mine" back in 1998, for a new single from Monica's new album "New Life" (2012).

The song is a mid tempo ballad which features the two singing about reclaiming their belongings after leaving their abusive boyfriends behind. Sounds like a continuation of The Boy Is Mine, but instead of fighting over the same guy, they're now fighting over property.

I found it weird at first that they dedicated the song/video to Whitney Houston's memory. Then I read that the two were supposed to premiere the song by performing it live at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party in February but cancelled the performance due to the untimely passing of Miss Houston and it all made some kind of sense. That, and obviously the song kinda mirrors Whitney's tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown.

The song will also be featured on Brandy's sixth studio album "Two Eleven" when it gets it's release on August 28th.

The song is not as catchy or as clever as The Boy Is Mine, but it's certainly nice to see them both performing together again. Their voices blend together so nicely, I think they should do an entire album of material in the future.

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