Sunday, 9 June 2013

Liven It Up!: Emeli Sandé - Breaking The Law (Live @ iTunes Festival 2012)

  "When the corridors and all the stairs are making you tired, I will come for you; Set the building on fire!"

 There's so much I can write about Emeli, she's one of my new favorite artists, but for some reason, I don't feel like writing much about this post. Emeli is one of those artists that I feel completely enthralled with when I hear her. I can't explain it, there's a quality to her voice and her gifts as a songwriter that feels very honest to me. I felt the same thing when I first heard Adele sing, it wasn't gimmicky, it was just simple and completely true. So, I really just want this video to stand on it's own.

 One thing I will say is it's not hard to connect with this song in particular, because this is exactly the kind of love I have for my family and my boyfriend Chris. I'd break the law for them any day!

 From the album "Our Version Of Events" (2012).

 Who would you all Break The Law for?

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