Saturday, 15 June 2013

Turn It Up!: Celine Dion - Water From The Moon (Music Video)

  "Do I Gotta Get Water From The Moon? Is That What I've Gotta Do To Make You Love Me?"

I'm just gonna make my friend Jordanna a co-collaborator on my blog, because most of my posts seem to come from conversations with her. In this case, I was e-mailing her Celine's "Let's Talk About Love" album and we started discussing our favourite albums by her. My personal favourite has always been her 1992 self titled album, because it was the first album I'd ever heard of hers. Being 10 years old at the time, I was very into Disney movies (like any kid) and I first heard Celine in her Grammy/Academy Award Winning Duet with Peabo Bryson, "Beauty & The Beast". I loved that song so much that I naturally asked my parents if I could get her album, and they took me to the mall with my allowance and I bought it on cassette.

 Happily I liked so many more of the songs from the album that it wasn't a waste of money lol. I became obsessed with "Love Can Move Mountains", and "Water From The Moon" specifically. Celine became very much like an icon to me, with her soaring vocals. I got to see her live for the first time at Massey Hall on the tour for this album, with my Brother and my Mom as a half gift for my 11th birthday (thanks to Wikipedia I can look up that the date of the show was March 25th, 1993, could be accurate), and I even did a school project on Celine in French class that earned me an A++ and my work was displayed in the school lol. 

Wow, longer post than I thought this would be haha. Back to the song, Jordanna looked up to see if there was a video for it on youtube, and sure enough there was one (that neither of us had ever seen). I gotta say that the video doesn't really make much sense to me but she's looks absolutely stunning and that guy is pretty hot in my opinion. I've read that the video was only commercially aired in the US, and that the song was a radio single in Canada only (so that's my excuse for never seeing it, Jordanna, what's yours? lol).

 As for the song itself, I think Celine's vocal performance beautifully encompasses the gut wrenching desperation for an unrequited love expressed in the lyrics.



  1. LOL Great write up as usual!! I live in Indiana that is totally my story for not seeing it! It didn't air here or if it did I was too busy with life/career to watch for it! I am slightly older LOL :)