Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Picture This!: Kylie Minogue 2013 (Poll Results)

While I'm working on my review for the Patty Griffin concert I went to last night (which I'm hoping will be posted by Saturday if time permits) I realize I forgot to post the poll results from the other week.

 Since it's my first time doing a poll for this blog, I didn't quite know how to fit it in to my categories, so for this one, I've decided to add a bunch of pictures of Kylie from 2013, including images from her photo shoot for Elle Magazine (January issue), a few promotional pictures for the song Skirt, and one I just loved from Billboard Magazine.

 So, here we go with the poll results. The question was "What do you think of Kylie Minogue's new release, Skirt?" The results were...

Love It!                  60% 

 Like It!                   20% 

 Don't Care For It!  20% 

 Hate It!                    0% 

Well, that's good news, of the 5 people who voted, nobody out right hated it!

Be sure to make your voice heard on the new poll on the page "Which single from Mariah Carey's first album is your favorite?"

Vote away and enjoy these pictures my lovely readers.

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  1. I want to jump 100 years or so into the future when reasonably priced Kylie sexbots are available. I would then go through the entire Kama Sutra with my new best friend. I could then die happy. Love me some wee Kylie!