Sunday, 9 June 2013

Turn It Up!: Eric Hutchinson - The Basement (Music Video)

  "Dance Soldiers Forgetting Our Day Jobs, Tryin' To Get Our Funk On 'Cuz We Came To Rock n Roll!"

 Wow, infectious much?!?! This is one of those songs that is so fun and energetic that it gets me pumped for the day ahead. Imagine listening to this and dancing around your room while you're getting ready to go out. Yeah... PERFECT! Then to pair it with the happy go lucky, breeziness of this dance infused music video... Forget about it!

 I don't know a whole lot about Eric (other than his music is amazing), but from what I've read, he's released 4 albums in total, two independently and two through Warner Brothers Records, and he was originally signed to Madonna's record label Maverick, but the label shut down before the release of his 3rd album (first major label album) "Sounds Like This" (2008). After this he released it independently and caught the attention of blogger Perez Hilton which sent it into the top ten on iTunes. The album was then picked up by Warner Brothers who signed Eric and re-released the album.

This song is from Eric's latest album, "Moving Up Living Down" (2012), which he has been touring extensively for. Among solo tours, he has also been seen opening for artists like Kelly Clarkson, OneRepublic, and Jason Mraz (whom he is often compared to).

 Definitely give this artist a listen!

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