Thursday, 6 June 2013

What's On?: Orange Is The New Black (New Series Trailer)

  "It's Just Like The Hamptons, Only Fucking Horrible!"

 The new show from "Weeds" creator Jenji Kohan premieres exclusively on Netflix on July 11, and judging by the trailer above, I think I'm really going to like it.

 With a cast of well known character actors like Jason Biggs (American Pie, Say Anything), Natasha Lyonne (Slums Of Beverly Hills, American Pie, But... I'm A Cheerleader, (LOVE HER!!!!!)), Kate Mulgrew (Ryan's Hope, Star Trek Voyager), Laura Prepon (That 70's Show, Are You There Chelsea?) and new star on the rise Taylor Schilling (The Lucky One, Argo), Orange Is The New Black is based on the Piper Kerman memoir of the same name, that recounts the authors 15 month imprisonment for money laundering and drug trafficking in a Connecticut Women's penetentiary in 2004.

 Will you watch?

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