Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Talk To Me!: Jodie Foster On Inside The Actors Studio (2005)

 Even though the clips from the movies they discuss are missing in this video (due to You tubes regulations), this is still an in depth and extremely interesting interview with Jodie Foster (one of my all time favourite actresses) about her early life and film career!

 The thing I love so much about Jodie, is how selective she is with her film roles. She's not the type of actress that does 3 movies a year back to back, she likes to take the time and really search out a role that is meaningful and perfect for her. So, she may not do a lot of movies, but you can be assured that the movies she does partake in are always passion projects.

 James Lipton sat down with Jodie to discuss everything from her beginnings as a child actress, to her first Academy Award nominated role at the age of 14 as child prostitute, Iris in Taxi Driver (1976), as well as her work in the films The Accused (1988, which won her her first Academy Award for best Actress), The Silence Of The Lambs (1991, which earned her her second Academy Award for Best Actress), Little Man Tate (1991, Her directorial debut), Nell (1994, the first released under her production company "Egg Pictures"), Panic Room (2002), and Flight Plan (2005).
Me as Gerard in the play "Forests"
 I actually learned something from this interview, I recently did a community theatre play called "Forests" back in March (I act in my spare time, if I forgot to mention this), in which I played a character named Gerard. It was an extremely heavy part that I had to play, my character essentially relives his past trauma of living in a forest (much like Jodie's character Nell), where his family is destroyed before his very eyes (Rape, incest, murder, suicide, you name it, I had to relive it and tell the tale of what happened). Anyway, my point is that while I was trying to discover how to get into the mind and body language of a character like that, I found a physical trait that, like Jodie, every time I started to do it, would involuntarily make me cry. It was basically a rocking motion, partnered with a kind of whimpering noise and hand ringing.

I know now from this show, that's it's called the psychological gesture. Very Interesting. That's why I love this show.

 More episodes to come in the future!

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