Saturday, 11 May 2013

What's On!: True Blood Season 6 Trailer

You know I'm living for this!

HBO just released the official trailer for the 6th season of True Blood which will begin on June 16th. Although I wasn't all that impressed with season 5 (compared to past season's) I think that was just the appetizer before the main meal which will hopefully be this season. It looks a lot more action packed than last season which was a lot more story based, which is all fine and good, but I want a boost of adrenaline this time.

Last season ended with Bill taking in the blood of Lillith (the first vampire) after which, he died and was reincarnated in a hot bloody naked mess as a new "Vampire God" (Billith, if you will). Looks like this season will continue with that drama and the American Government looks like it's out to destroy all vamps.

The most exciting part of this trailer (for me) is the voice return of one of my favorite characters from Season 2, Sarah Newlin (played by actress Anna Camp). Love her!!!!

Are you all ready for True Blood's return? What are you anticipating for the new season?

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