Thursday, 30 May 2013

Turn It Up!: Melanie B - Tell Me (Music Video)

  "...And All You Loved Was Mel B's Money!"

 One more quick post for the night!

 I meant to add this yesterday because it was Mel's 38th Birthday, but... I don't have an excuse, I just didn't lol. Sorry Mel!

 Tell Me was the first single (technically the second) released from Melanie's first solo record "Hot" back in 2000. The album was written and recorded while the Spice Girls were on hiatus between the Spice World Tour and the recording of their third album "Forever" (2000). In that time, she had given birth to her first child (Phoenix Chi) and married and divorced dance Jimmy Gulzar, who was one of the backing dancers on the Spice World Tour.

 This song is clearly about the disintegration of the relationship. Other songs on the album reference that Jimmy was two-timing Mel. You're really gonna pull that shit with a woman known as Scary Spice? Dude!!! 

Anywhoozle, I'm off for the night. Enjoy the perfect revenge song that this is, and Happy Birthday again, Melanie!

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