Thursday, 23 May 2013

Turn It Up!: Alanis Morissette - Empathy (Music Video)

 I know I just added a new Alanis music video (for Lens), but she's released another home made video via her official website, this time featuring the song "Empathy".

 The video was posted yesterday (which happened to be her and her husbands 3rd wedding anniversary) with the following blog,

 "This video captures footage from the entire year of touring in 2012 around this wild world. Victor Indrizzo, who is my bandmate on drums, directed, shot and edited the piece.

 Needless to say, communal international travel, as an artist, is a dream come true. Add that my family was with me — I was over the moon, if not completely sleep deprived! This song brings tears to my eyes no matter how often I hear it or perform it. May it hug your heart in the way it is intended to.



 So, you can just consider this blog posting, a bonus post (aren't I nice?!).

 Much love to you, Readers!!!

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