Thursday, 23 May 2013

Talk To Me!: Sandra Oh on George Tonight (2012)

 I've been catching up on the current season of Grey's Anatomy lately, and one of my favorite characters on that show is Cristina Yang, played beautifully by the super talented (and Canadian) Sandra Oh, and so I decided to look up a few interviews with her and I found this great one from last year with Canadian talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos (whom I consider to be our answer to Anderson Cooper) while she was in Toronto receiving her Star on The Canadian Walk of Fame.

 The two discussed her parents early concerns in her choice to become an actor, her early days developing her name in the film industry, her conscious choice to remain out of the realm of celebrity, the role of religion and spirituality in her life, her ultimate decision to look for non-ethnic specific characters to play, and of course, her role of Cristina on Grey's.

 She seems very sweet and down to earth, don't you think?

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