Saturday, 11 May 2013

Turn It Up!: Missy Higgins - Everyone's Waiting (Music Video)

I can't believe I've just discovered Missy Higgins! My brother is constantly giving me new music to listen to that I may like, but the problem is he gives me so many artists and so many albums to go through, that some get overlooked and basically ignored for a long time.

Today as I was going through some of the albums he had added to my iTunes, I saw 3 albums by Missy, 1 of which the album cover and title caught my attention, her 2012 album "The Ol' Razzle Dazzle"!

How could I possibly ignore an album like this for so long? I immediately gave it a listen and was blown away by the raw beauty of her lyrics.

As I was listening, I had my lastfm scrobbler going and I read a little bio on Missy which said that she's one of the most popular female singer-songwriters in Australia (where she hails from). I don't doubt it for a second.

The song above was definitely a standout song on the album. A song about trying to be true to yourself when you have so many people's opinions about what you should do, and how you should be, running around in your head distracting you.

"I know all the lines to say
The part I’m expected to play
But in the reflection
I am worlds away

As I put my costume on
Eyelashes one by one
Been doing this so long
I can tie the knot
Behind my back

And everyone’s waiting
But it’s getting harder to hear what my heart is saying
Cos everyone’s waiting"

Then, to cap it all off, I go to youtube and find this incredibly stunning music video, that fit the power of the lyrics perfectly and made me tear up while watching it. That just sealed the deal for me officially loving this artist. Whoever shot and directed this music video is a genius.

Give it a watch, you may fall in love with her too.

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