Thursday, 30 May 2013

Turn It Up!: Tracy Bonham - Behind Every Good Woman (Music Video)

  "Behind Every Good Woman Lies.... A Trail Of Men!"

 Wow, I'm starting to get a huge headache from the humidity in Toronto today, and I can't really concentrate on writing a full post right now, so I'm adding this song because I don't have to explain much about this video.

 Tracy Bonham is an Alternative Rock Chick who's biggest success in the music business came from the release of her first studio album "The Burdens Of Being Upright" (1996) and her first single "Mother Mother". After the mild success of that album and a couple Grammy nominations, changes to the record company she was with delayed the release of her second album until 2000 when she released "Down Here". Behind Every Good Woman was the first and only release from that album and since then Tracy has concentrated on releasing music on the independent circuit.

 This song and video are so cheeky, fun and sassy that it's impossible to not get hooked.


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