Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Turn It Up!: Corina - Temptation (Music Video)

 Oooh, 90's throwback! Don'tcha just love it???? I want to thank my friend (and avid reader/supporter) Jordanna for bringing this song back around to my attention.

 Corina was a 90's dance pop and freestyle artist who (as far as I know) only released one official studio album back in 1991 (the self titled "Corina") which spawned 3 singles, the most popular and successful of the 3 was the song "Temptation", seen above.

 Temptation was the first single from the album and peaked on the Billboard Pop Charts in the US at number 6. As hot as the video may be (for a 90's video), Corina is the most unfortunate looking female pop star I've probably ever seen. Poor thing! She kinda looks like Wilson Jermaine Heredia in the role of Angel from the musical "Rent" (but manlier).

 Still a great song though!

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  1. LMAO!! OH No...Poor Corina but yeah the song is HOT!!