Sunday, 19 May 2013

Turn It Up!: Sheryl Crow - Easy (Music Video)

 Since I'm sick today, I've decided to stay in and get some rest, which gives me the opportunity to work a little bit on the blog.

 I've been obsessed with the new Sheryl Crow song since I first heard it about a month ago, and now she's finally released the official music video so I can add it here for you all to enjoy. I know I'll be blasting this from my car windows all summer. So organic, like a breath of fresh air.

 Sheryl has been working on her follow up to her 2010 album "100 Miles From Memphis" since late 2012 and has recently parted ways with A&M Records and signed with Warner Music Nashville, to release (what they're calling) her "first country music record" which is slated to come out in September of this year. That confuses me, only because I've always considered Sheryl's music to be mostly country influenced since she started (some albums more so than others). In any case, if the rest of the album is like this, I'm sure to love it. As past albums go, Sheryl is usually hit or miss with me. It seems like she has a pattern to do a really amazing album and then something kinda lackluster (just my opinion). So, since I was less than impressed with the last record, I'm expecting this one to be brilliant! 

As for the single, Sheryl has stated that the song is her "Stay-cation song". "It's about making your home feel like you're getting away!" The video was directed by Trey Fanjoy and features actor Jason Lewis (best known for the role of Smith Jerrod on Sex & The City) as her love interest, making a romantic island getaway in their own house.

 Ummm, yeah. Who wouldn't want to take it "Easy" with him?

 Am I Right?

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