Sunday, 19 May 2013

Turn It Up!: Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - Live It Up (Music Video)

I don't absolutely love JLo's new single from her (as yet) untitled 8th studio album (omg I can't believe she's done 8 albums) but I do think it's fun and frivolous, which is what it's supposed to be, and I can't deny the fact that the woman looks SICKENING!!!!!!! Showing off her bangin' booty in that red one piece with feathers for days and red rubber thigh high boots that would put Nancy Sinatra to shame... Yes Ma'am! On the other hand, that yellow lipstick and nail polish... really?!?! It's okay Jennifer, how were you supposed to know that I hate the color yellow? I never told you!

 Jennifer is another artist (whether she's acting or singing) that I'm constantly shifting my opinions about. Sometimes I think she's really cool, and then there are times when she just irks me to no end. But she tries so hard and, really, she played Selena to the T back in the day, so I really can't hate her. But the one thing that is bothering me about her music career at the moment is her decision to release multiple singles (3 or 4) and then release an album. This album will be no exception. She has stated,

 "I think we're going to release this first and then a few singles and then we'll decide when to put the album out. I'm more a believer of letting it gain momentum. Let there be demand for the album by putting out some great music first."

 There are unconfirmed rumors that the new album will be released sometime in November. Good God woman. How are you going to have singles left to promote the album once it comes out? Unless you have 40 songs on the album, which, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can listen to you for that long.

 Release the album now, and get your ass out on tour, that's where artists make the bulk of their money anyway.

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